Matt Ritchie

Matt Ritchie in Newcastle kit

Why did you need financial advice?

I was introduced to Patrick many years ago through my agent and initially he helped me buy our family home. I felt that before meeting Patrick I didn’t really have a financial plan or strategy. This all changed when we sat down, and he has been an integral part of our team ever since.

What was our advice?

In terms of mortgages, it was great to have someone advise me on the structure and term who knows my industry inside out. Factoring in my family lifestyle and needs, Patrick ensured my mortgages were paid off as soon as possible.

In addition to the property side, Patrick was vital in highlighting the need for long-term savings for our growing family to ensure that we have a plan in place after my football career ends. He acts as a sounding board for me to sense check ideas and ensure I stay on the right track.

How has our advice benefited you?

Having Patrick as part of our team has provided massive peace of mind for me, as I know things off the pitch are taken care of, and my family and I are being looked after in an open and honest way.

He’s also not afraid to say “no” and stop me from doing anything stupid with my money! I have happily referred him to several of my team mates to do the same. The one criticism I would have of him is that he is a bandit to play against on the golf course!!

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